Cabinet Styles

There are many ways of building face-frame cabinets.  Below are three sample cabinets we have prepared for customers that show the more common types.  

The center cabinet is a partial overlay cabinet in knotty alder with fingerpull edges on the doors and drawer fronts.   The space between the door and drawer is wide enough to slip your finger in and open the door without the need for pulls or knobs.

With the maple cabinet on the left, we have a more modern look where the space between door and drawer front is 1/4″.  This style requires that the plank-style door has a pull or knob, and it minimizes the amount of visible faceframe.

On the right is a flush inset style cabinet in knotty pine.   This particular sample was prepared for a historic mountain cabin where we were asked to replicate some existing artwork in our finish.


Walnut Dining Room Table

 Here is a dining room table in walnut where we were asked to create the look of a single slab tabletop with a live edge.    Because this customer wanted kiln-dried wood, our locally available choices of wood species was somewhat limited, and American Black Walnut was chosen.    We worked with the customer on the base design and the selection of individual boards and then glued up the top and added the live edge with a chainsaw.   To give the table a bit more tactile relief, we also included subtle hand-scraping.  The finish is an oil-based stain, six coats of tung oil and a finishing wax.


DSC_0003 dining table in walnut

Distressed Knotty Alder

For this project, we were given a hand sketch of a door style and asked to match it, and then age it.   We did that by applying a combination of hand scraping, balanced but non-uniform sanding and a few worm holes, dings and dents.   If you click on the photo below of the first sample we prepared, you will see a slideshow of the finished project.

Special distressed door style

(click on photo for slideshow)

Cherry Kitchen

We recently had an opportunity to return to an earlier completed project to add a fireplace mantle.    If you look closely at the slideshow below, you will see that the kitchen cabinets have begun to darken as cherry is known to do, while the mantle still shows the light pink-ish tones of fresh, clear finished cherry.


(click on photo for slideshow)

Stained Alder Home Office

Here is a photo of a recently completed home office.   The homeowner was looking to match the richness of the home’s flooring while gaining a durable work surface that would stand up to the rigors of daily use.   We achieved this with a stained select alder cabinet, matched to a WilsonArt laminate countertop.   This premium laminate has a woodgrain texture that complements the texture of the raised panel doors very well.

Alder office