Another Launching

We recently completed another kayak project.   This one is a little different from the wood hulled ones of the past in that it consists of a wood frame lashed together with artificial sinew and then wrapped in 12 oz. nylon fabric.    The hull fabric is made waterproof with four coats of polyurethane and the combing is a lamination of beech strips.   The design is by

DSC_0018P6260159 DSC_0001

Buffet Top

On this project, the customer originally wanted a granite countertop for the buffet that matched the countertops in the kitchen.   However, when the time came, the piece remaining was not large enough for a complete granite top.   So, we were asked to create a wood top with granite inserts that would visually tie everything together.  The result is what you see below:


The cabinet and countertop is vertical grain fir (VG fir) with a clear satin finish.

Custom Leaded Glass

On this project, our client wished to use some leaded glass panels she had salvaged from an old cabin.   She had an idea of how she wanted them arranged so it was our task to design cabinetry around these panels.  Normally, we would start with the space, design the workflow and details such as door sizes would follow.   But here, we started with the size and arrangement of glass panels, calculated the required doors sizes, and worked outward, arriving eventually at the final dimensions of the kitchen.   The cabinets are finished in a custom tint enamel.


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Table-Style Vanities

On this project, we used modular cabinets by Bridgewood, along with Bridgewood-supplied posts and trim pieces to creat custom vanities.  Five of the six bathrooms received these pieces which were installed after the floor tile.   Custom Design Woodworks, Inc. is an authorized dealer of Bridgewood Cabinets.    More information can be obtained at:


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Window Seat

This follow-on project to a recent kitchen project, has as its genesis a photo from a bed and breakfast at which our clients had stayed.   Based on that photo, we created this window seat nook including panelled walls and a coffered ceiling.   There are plans to add pillows and a custom-made cushion to complete the mood.


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